The Cutest Guest Room – Beach House Black + White Room

Bed Tray / Beds / Throw Pillow / Mattresses / Duvet Cover / Duvet Insert / Pillows / Shams / Sheets / Rug / Nightstand / Lamp / Throws

When furnishing a beach house, it is imperative that you have as many beds as possible! I wanted to ensure that my guests had a comfortable and big enough bed in their room while maximizing all the space I possibly could. This sweet room came together so nicely and I couldn’t have been happier with the items I chose. This room was definitely done more budget friendly. Here are all my picks below!

Beds / Mattresses / Duvet Cover / Duvet Insert / Pillows / Shams / Sheets / Rug / Nightstand / Lamp

Bed Tray – My dear dear friends bought me this as a housewarming gift and it was so perfect in this room!

Beds – These adorable double beds were the perfect beach house beds. I was thrilled to be able to fit full beds rather than twin beds so the grown ups would have a great sleeping experience as well as the kiddos.

Throw Pillows – My Merci Pillows are SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE! But I linked a cute alternative that would be so adorable in this room!

Mattresses – the only mattresses I will ever purchase! Reasonable in price and the softest ever!

Duvet Cover – These dreamy duvet covers are so pretty, easy to wash and the messy ruched look means you never have to iron them!

Duvet Inserts – Perfect for summer/winter/spring and fall!

Pillows – these inserts are versatile and good for any type of sleeper.

Shams – Ruched and match the duvet cover

Sheets – I love these PB Classic Organic Cotton sheets because they are the perfect texture and wash so nicely!

Rug – I love this rug because it shows nothing, has a little sparkle and gives a ton of depth and texture to this very white room. It is perfect and from my favorite store in the world!

Nightstand – Basic, not too expensive nightstand which did the trick.

Lamp – Same with the lamp. Super easy and inexpensive to top off the room.

Throws – If it is possible to be so obsessed with a blanket that you shout it from the rooftops for everyone to hear, this is the blanket to be obsessed with. It is soft, washable and so so so cute. I have 3 of them and use it in the morning when I am drinking my coffee on the couch, writing blog posts. It is devine.

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