Gift Guide | For the Wine Lover, Foodie + Hostess

If you know me, you know how much I love to entertain. And beyond that I LOVE amazing food, what it is served on/in and all of that paired with an amazing bottle of wine (something I am somewhat of an expert in).

It is never too early to start collecting hostess gifts, holiday goodies and things to have on hand when you’re invited over to someone’s house for an impromptu celebration. Below are my absoulte favorite things to bring and to have at my own house! Check it out and get shopping!

Nest Reed Diffuser | Grapefruit – I have these in every single one of my bathrooms. These are literal show stoppers. People stop in their tracks and ask what that amazing smell is! Its universal and elevates any space.

Cutting Board with Knife Set + Cheese Markers – I LOVE this board! It is even more amazing that you can put the knives away in this cute little drawer so you never lose them. This fits a couple of cheeses and the crackers fit perfectly around the edge. Always a favorite at any of my parties!

Agate Crystal Geode Wine + Champagne Bottle Stopper – Always a great gift! Not that I know many people who need to plug up a bottle of wine – usually its all gone 🙂

Modern Comfort Food Cookbook – INA INA INA – enough said!

Insulated Wine or Six Pack Tote Carrier – You’re bringing wine over, so you might as well package it in a cute carrier! Also, I love that it keeps the whites and roses cold on transport. Can’t beat the price and it’s a cute way to travel in style.

Mini Knife Cheese Set – I know for a fact you can never have too many cheese knives. Especially right at the beginning of a party when everyone is starving and digging in. Its nice to keep these on hand for when people are getting handsy…

Bees Knees Salted Honey – As if honey weren’t good enough, this salted honey is the stuff dreams are made of. I put it in a little steel cup with a cute spook or honestly sometimes I just drizzle it right over the cheese! Ah! It is to die for.

Swell White Marble Cocktail Kit – It still amazes me how cold and for how long these things can keep your drink cold! Perfect for the beach in the summer to keep your cocktails cold or to keep you spiked cider hot in the winter. Win-win if you ask me!

Le Cruset Ramekins – Nuts, honey, crackers, jam, literally the possibilities of what to put in these babies are ENDLESS. Bake individual desserts in them, put them on your cheese board. Use them for hummus or a delicious ricotta pesto dip. I mean you will never have enough of these and they are the perfect gift for any foodie you have in your life.

Tramanto Olive Wood Cheese Board + Serving Tray – the texture and shape of this add fun interest to your entertaining boards. I love that this is not huge and super easy to clean. I love to use this for when a friend stops by and I put out a small but mighty spread.

Double Insulated Wine Cooler – Perfect to keep your wine cool without having to get melted ice all over the place.

Sea Salt Sampler – Say that 10 times fast! This sampler is AMAZING. You can literally turn any dish into something out of this world with these little darlings. They make the perfect gift for your foodie friend who loves to season her food to perfection.

Yeti Insulated Mug – I know, again with these insulated beverage holders! But they are just that amazing. This one in particular is like a miracle. It keeps your wine cold and your coffee hot and we all know thats about all I drink.

Square + Round Ice Cube Molds – There is nothing more simple to keep you feeling fancy all year round than these ice molds. They make your old fashions fashionable, your manhattans chic and your on the rocks rocky. They make a great gift for the person who loves their drinks on the rocks!

Graze Cookbook – You all know I love a good grazing board. This cookbook will give you all you need to put together an amazing spread and it is specifically for those who love to graze! Such a nice gift, especially for the person who loves to entertain!

Fondue Pot – Fondu? Fon-don’t-you-dare! Ok enough cheese…lol never enough cheese. This is fun, affordable and you can do sweet or savory in this baby!

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