Modern In Kitchen Dining

Dining Table / Chairs / Rug / Light Fixture / Tree

We moved! Moving is so stressful but the silver lining is twofold. First, you get to repurpose your furniture, rugs and decor into a new space which is fun and challenging. Second, you get to buy new things if your old things just aren’t working out! Good news here is that I have done both.

Our old dining table was beautiful, but made for me by a friend 6 years ago who was just starting out making furniture and although the craftsmanship was solid and long lasting, there was supposed to be a leaf and the table was just kind of sawed in half and bolted together with no leaf in sight! No matter, it still served us very well and everyone who walked through the door absolutely loved it.

I was so ready to refresh my in kitchen dining space so I took to the interwebs to get some inspo. I loved the fresh clean look of the whole thing below so I ordered the table and the rug. I am so excited to get moved in and settled to show you the final products. But feel free to shop them below for now!

Dining Table – I love this table! It is super white but not alarmingly so and the legs have some weight to them which makes it visually more interesting. It is so fun, bight, cheery and an instant mood booster. Plus anything you currently have will go perfectly with it.

Chairs – These just remind me of old times. Plus I love the light color and the airyness that it brings as a compliment to the table.

Rug – I ordered a 5×7 and it is perfect!

Light Fixture – So fun and unique!

Tree – I was never a huge fan of fake plants but let’s face it…I’m tired of killing the real ones!

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