March Amazon Edit

Spring may never come but you can get started willing the warm weather upon us with my absolute fave things from Amazon for March!

Click on the item in the photo below or read on for more details!

Le Pens – You know I love these pens. They are so fun to write with and I am using them with the pad below to make my weekly grocery list and plan my meals.

Weekly List – Love this little pad. I can add to it weekly when I am thinking about what I need and I use my Le Pens with it. So cute!

Marble Coasters – Says the girl who has approx 1 million coasters. You can never have too many! Thank me when you don’t have water rings on all your

iPad/Cookbook Holder – I have made a vow to cook more so this little guy has been so so so helpful while reading the recipes I have printed out. Yes I still print out recipes! You can also put your ipad on there too in case you’re more tech savvy.

Marble Wine Coaster – I just got a new table from West Elm (linked here if you’re interested) but since it is white and I like red red wine, I wanted to get something to set the bottle on and this one is just lovely!

Truff Sauces – Um YES. As if we didn’t love Truff enough, I can’t wait to try these.

Nest Candle – You KNOW I love a candle. And you KNOW I love my Nest Bamboo. Treat Yo Self this month and go ahead and get this candle.

Can Cooler – With the summer breeze on my mind, this happy sunny yellow can cooler is going to be great for when we can get back outside and have some cocktail patio time.

Water Bottle – I have vowed to drink more water this month. This should help, right? I fill it up with my Nugget Ice and I am good to go.

Salad Tongs – I also vowed to eat more salad. So here we go!

Colored Wine Glasses – I just LOVE these for easter/spring/happier drinking.

Nutribullet – This is still my #1 used kitchen appliance. I use it almost daily and love that it stores so easily and is not enormous like most of my other appliances.

Jeans – I LOVE THESE JEANS. These, along with all the things below, is going to be my spring uniform!

Sneakers – So comfortable and so classic

Spring Jacket – If you need another green military jacket, this is the one for you. 

Camo Scarf – I say camo isn’t going anywhere and this scarf is perfect for the transition into spring because it is light weight and easy to wear.

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