Why I Love Nuuly | Rent to Buy Clothing


I love to shop. In fact, I love shopping so much that sometimes I will go on a spree just to find still tagged clothes in my closet months later. Talk about a waste of money!

I have tried a ton of clothing rental services but I finally found the one that will make it’s way into my monthly budget for good. As you know, I love Anthropologie so when I found a clothing rental service that was chock full o Anthro, I knew this was the right place for me.

The Deets

For $88/month (less than most other services) you get 6 pieces (more than most other services) and there is SO much to choose from. It is rare that you see something you love that doesn’t have your size.

They have everything from party dresses to sweats and mostly everything in between. You get the goods for 30 days at which you can either keep the items for a pretty sweet discount or return and get your new bounty in just a few days.

Shipping is quick and usually takes just a day or two to get back and forth so you aren’t waiting forever to get your new bag.

Highly recommend, especially if you don’t want to be dishing out thousands to Anthro each month 🙂

So check it out and here is $10 to get you started!

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