Beach House Guest Bedroom | Bed Style Guide

As you might know if you have followed me over the years, sometimes I renovate houses 🙂

You know the beach house has been a labor of love but we are pretty much there. I had so much fun decorating this house because I really got to go full beach here. Dreamy whites and blues, light woods and beachy light fixtures made it all come together.

I was taking some pics this weekend and snagged the one above. Of course Dex had to be in it.

To put it candidly, I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS BED. It is just dreamy. I am a huge fan of John Robshaw and have been for a long long long time. The quality of his linens is just amazing and I have that throw blanket in just about ever color now and I don’t own a bed that doesn’t have one on it. It is just a dream.

Here is what we have going on:

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